Wall Clock Spy Camera

Wall Clock Hidden Camera


Many people can find wall clock spy camera beneficial. Whoever you want to record, the camera will do its job. It will catch everything that’s in front of it. Once you set it up, you won’t need to do anything with it; it can record over old recordings and which means it can run as long as there is power in the battery.

  • Quality - 10/10
  • Features - 10/10
  • Specifications - 10/10


  • 4K resolution
  • Undetectable
  • Motion Sensor
  • Good Battery
  • 90 Day Standby Guarantee
  • Overwriting Old Recordings


  • Captures Only What’s Direct In Front Of It

Wall clock spy camera is an interesting way to hide the camera. Wall clock is working and people who are recorded will most probably look directly at the clock so you can get perfect videos. This hidden camera can record in 4K resolution which means that all details will be in ultra-high definition.

You can easily mount this spy camera on a wall and record a child’s play and what is nanny doing while you are gone. You can record so people don’t know that they are being recorded because nobody will get suspicious. It is a simple wall clock, but nobody knows there is a hidden camera installed in it.

Wall Clock Spy Camera 1

Wall Clock Camera

Wall Clock Spy Camera Usage

Check on Kids and Nanny

You can quickly check what’s going on with your kids and nanny. High resolution allows you to see all the details that may getaway if you use a low-resolution camera.

Watch Employees

If you have a business like restaurants, shops, or any other business with direct money exchange, then you can use this spy camera to watch your employees. The money put in the cash registry will now be registered on the camera as well. You can see if the workers are putting money in a cash registry or the pocket.

Wife Spy

If you are working all the time and traveling around the globe, then you need this camera. You can install it and see what’s your wife is doing while you are away. She may cheat on you, and you may catch her on the tape.

Catch Thief

If the clock is in the apartment and thieves decide to rob it, no problem. This wall clock hidden camera will record them in full details, and I am sure the police will find them in no time.

Wall Clock Spy Camera Features

4K Resolution

2800×2160 resolution will give you all the details you need on the video.

Wall Clock Spy Camera 2


Long Live Battery

It uses a battery that can be on standby for 90 days. This feature means that you can record an empty apartment for 90 days because if there is nobody in front of the camera, the camera will not record video. If you record all the time, then the battery will last for 16 hours, which is also good to record daily changes.

The battery is on standby and will start recording as soon as the PIR motion sensor that detects body heat sends signals. The motion sensor allows you to record for several days without needing to interfere.

Wall Clock Spy Camera 3

Motion Sensor

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity is actually unlimited because a camera can overwrite older recordings. But 128GB video storage is more than enough for several days, especially if you use the motion-activated recording.

On lower resolution, like 720P at 30 FPS, it can record for 43 hours. If you combine that with motion-activated recording, you could set this camera up and not touch it for a month.


All recordings have time and date embedded in the recording; that way, you had a clear proof when something happened.

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