Veho Action Camera – VCC 005

Veho Action Camera Muvi VCC 005


veho muvi lcd display remote

NPNG and HD10 are suitable to use at home or outdoor to capture any moment; it is economical wearable HD cam that can record videos in high definition. There is no limit when using either of the Veho action cameras.

  • Quality - 10/10
  • Features - 9/10
  • Specifications - 9/10


  • Small and Portable
  • Ideal for Action
  • Affordable Action Camera
  • High-Quality Videos


  • A bit large in a size for some special action videos recording

veho vcc 005 hd cameraThe recent footage circulating on social media platforms about house helps and nanny mistreating and abusing young kids has affected a lot of parents.

It is in this case that camera companies have stepped up to design a particular camera that can help monitor these children whenever the parents are not around, just to know how their kids are treated.

One of the cameras that can do a pretty good job is the Veho VCC-005-MUVI, this mini hand free action cam has all the features a parent would want.

The following reviews the features and specifications of both Veho VCC-005-Muvi-NPNG Muvi HD Mini Handsfree Actioncam and Veho VCC-005-Muvi-HD10 and their comparison

Features and Specifications of Veho Action Camera – VCC 005 Muvi HD10 and NPNG


The Veho VCC 005 Muvi HD10 is a compact, portable device that measures 1.9 x 3.2 x 1 inch, and weigh 8 ounces.

The smaller design makes it an ideal camera to mount in places where it is very hard for someone to notice.

High Video Resolution

The camera is fitted with 5 MP HD video image resolution of up to 1920 x 1080 at 30fps, the high-quality video ensures that it captures every moment as it is, the powerful camera does not startle giving clear images without exaggerated details.

Wide Angle Lens

The 170 degrees wide angle lens of the Veho VCC-005-Muvi mini HD action camcorder capture all the footage in the room where the cam is mounted.

At the corner of the room, the lens can capture the whole room from the floor to the roof and the width of the chamber.veho muvi lcd display remote

Rechargeable battery

The Veho VCC-005-Muvi HD Mini hands-free action cam comes with a powerful internal rechargeable Lithium battery that supports 4 hours of continuous recording.

Memory Space

On the sides, the camera has a Micro SD card slot including 4 GB memory card, expandable to a bigger Micro SD card of your choice most preferably the 64 GB memory card.


The unique feature of the Veho Vcc-005 Muvi Hd10 is the LCD 1.5-inch viewfinder/review that allows the user to utilize the touch panel control.

The LCD screen has several features that allow you to self-time your captures, digital zoom the object you want to record and noise activation to control your sound recording.

Mounting Option

Unlike another hand free camcorder, this particular cam allows universal mounting options where you can include helmet side mount, body clip, Velcro fixing of up to 8MP with continuous photos to perfectly capture time-lapse video, and inclusive of the flat mount.

The difference in features between Veho Action Camera VCC-005-Muvi-NPNG Muvi HD Mini Handsfree Actioncam and Veho Action Camera VCC-005-Muvi-HD10 is that the NPNG comes with No Proof No Glory Edition of the waterproof case, 8 GB memory, and a remote control.

Both camcorders enjoy the privilege of the standard tripod mount and work with all standard MUVI mount option including the VCC-A010-WPC, VCC-A014-HM, VCC-A015-FBM, VCC-A016-HSM, VCC-A017-UPM, and VCC-A018-HFM, VCC-A020-USM and VCC-A019-MP monopod and tripod.

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