Unbelievable High Tech Spy Gear You Can Buy Online

Have you ever wanted to be a spy? Do you drool over all the awesome spy toys that James Bond use? Well, it turns out that there is a lot of unbelievable high-tech spy gear available for purchase on the market.

Here are some of the coolest high tech spy gear items you can buy

Spy Cameras

Spy Pen

Spying Pen

We’re not talking about your standard nanny cam here. We’re talking about a super secret, invisible spy cam, hidden in the most mundane of items. If you typically carry a pen in your shirt pocket, then a spy pen would appeal to you. Spy pens available on the market record audio, color photos and video in high definition onto a microSD card, which can then be plugged into a computer as a flash drive so you can retrieve what you’ve captured. It works off of a rechargeable battery. Even better is that the pen is fully functional, so no one will ever know that it has a double purpose!

If you don’t typically carry a pen, then another option is the tie camera. The tie camera can capture audio and color video using CCD image sensor technology. There are also other spy camera types. Name the item and there you can place the camera.

Some other types of spy camera:

  • Cigarette lighter
  • USB Drive
  • Hat camera
  • Clock camera

If these great spy cameras don’t make you a James Bond, then maybe you need to change your profession.

Anti-Surveillance Devices

Spy Cam

Surveillance Camera

Now that you know how easy it is to spy on someone, you might be worried that someone is doing the same to you. Fortunately, you can find out by using some anti-surveillance technology. There are plenty of options on the market.

Camera detectors
Camera detectors are a simple piece of technology whereby light is emitted to seek out reflections from secret tiny camera lenses. Even better is that you don’t necessarily need to buy a new piece of equipment to serve as camera detectors, there are apps on your phone that do the job for you!

Bug detectors
Bug detectors, on the other hand, seek out radio frequency transmissions in your home or office, to determine whether anyone is secretly listening in on you. They alert you to these radio frequencies so that you can then take counter-measures. There are some ways to get around an audio bug. Audio jammers create an ongoing, white noise that muffles the sounds microphones can hear, rendering them unable to record. Noise generators are another option; these tools provide an ambient noise that overpowers your own words and discussions, hiding your words from the audio recorder.

Night Vision Goggles

Night Googles


One of the most impressive and unbelievable high-tech spy gear tools of all time is the classic night vision goggles. How better to keep an eye on someone at all hours of the day? Night vision goggles give you the same clear visibility that you get during the day. Many models of night vision binoculars or monoculars even hold an SD card so that you can capture photos and video during the night!

If you want to go the extra mile, there are even versions with thermal imaging capability. They seek out body heat so you can better locate people trying to hide from you! Thermal imaging cameras can detect heat up to 1800 feet away, with a range of minus 40º F to a whopping 626ºF! You can even buy add-on devices for your phone that will give you this capability.

By using mobile applications you can get even more from your spying methods.

Drone Cameras


Spy With Drone

One of the most readily available, high-tech spy tools on the market right now is drone cameras. You need to take advantage of these quickly, though, before governments develop regulations to restrict their use. Drone cameras are not only fun but are also highly functional, as they can travel far distances for you to capture recordings, so no one will ever suspect who’s actually holding the remote control. Some drones can capture professional quality photographs, with built-in 4K Ultra HD capability, 12-point megapixels, and image stabilization capability. GPS technology enables them to auto-takeoff and even auto-return home so that you can recover the microSD chip inside to download all your captured images and videos.

GPS technology enables them to auto-takeoff and even auto-return home so that you can recover the microSD chip inside to download all your captured images and videos.

Drones are future and if you are a real detective you need to know how to fly one.

Unbelievable high-tech spy tools aren’t as out of reach as you think. Spy cameras, anti-surveillance devices, night vision goggles, and drone cameras are all available for purchase for everyone, not only for the James Bonds of the world. Indulge your passion for spy gear now!

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