These 10 Things are the Most Important for Video Surveillance

Today’s advanced video surveillance systems are equipped with high-resolution IP cameras but also with many innovative features that raise security to the highest level, whether you install them in your home, business, store, or company.

If you plan to use security cameras, you should consider the necessary features for security cameras to meet your specific needs.

Monitoring Camera

Monitoring Camera

What is essential about a surveillance camera?

Like any other product you buy, security cameras must be in line with your lifestyle and household, or with the company’s business needs, so some functions will be more critical than others.

However, many innovative IP video surveillance technologies are of great benefit to any type of surveillance; regardless of the space, you plan for cameras.

Surveillance Cameras Features

These are the features that every new IP surveillance camera should have to secure your domain properly.


One of the key features of any IP video surveillance camera is undoubtedly its resolution. The two most popular resolutions today are 1080p and 4K.

4K resolution contains about four times more detail in the image than 1080p resolution. One of the main advantages of 4K resolution is that it provides clearer details. Users can zoom in on details such as someone’s face simultaneously as the camera captures a potentially suspicious situation.

However, although the 4K resolution has many advantages, it also has some disadvantages in video surveillance. First of all, shots made in 4K resolution take up a lot of storage space.

In fact, they need about four times more hard disk space than when you make a video in 1080p resolution. If you want a 4K camera, be prepared to spend more money and increase your hard drive capacity.

Besides, if you are interested in a 4K video surveillance camera system, you will also need to have a high-speed internet connection. As we have already said, the camera shots with 4K resolution are huge, and it is a lot of data that needs to go through the network before it reaches the data storage location.

Major surveillance camera manufacturers now offer options to set some recording parameters so that even slow networks can work reliably.

Note that the camera’s 1080p FullHD resolution can generally provide very satisfactory image quality, ample detail, and essential video information while preserving network bandwidth and hard disk storage. It all essentially depends on your specific needs.

4k Surveillance System

4k Surveillance System


Power source

IP surveillance cameras that use a rechargeable battery as a power source are more comfortable to set up and easier to install anywhere, but then you’ll probably need frequent battery replacements.

On the other hand, with cameras that plug into an outlet, you’ll have a constant power source, but you won’t always be able to place them in the place you planned, as they need to be close enough to the outlet.

Camera Field of View

The larger space you want to cover with one camera, such as yards or some large room in the house, the more you will need a camera with a larger field of view that could cover the entire area. If, on the other hand, you want to use a camera to monitor the terrace or just the entrance to the house, then you need to use a camera with a narrower field of view for that area.

Night Recording

If there is a need for your home to be monitored non-stop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, then your choice must be cameras that have a night vision function.

Fortunately, most newer IP cameras have this option. Night shooting is also handy for people living in rural areas or anywhere else where animals roam at night, so you can always see and be sure what is causing the noise around your home.

Motion Detector

The motion sensor sends alerts to the user each time a movement is detected in the monitored area. Whether it’s a food delivery man, an animal, or vandals, thanks to a motion detector, you’ll always be alerted that something’s going on in your backyard or front door.

Some IP cameras can detect in the field of view of 90 °, while some cameras detect movements in view of as much as 270 °. Also, some outdoor models feature a light that will be activated whenever the camera detects motion.

Two-way audio communication

Not all cameras can record all types of sounds, and there are even fewer models that allow sound in both directions. Models that feature two-way audio allow users to communicate with anyone on the other end of the camera, whether it’s a package delivery service or a neighbor who came to visit you.

Some IP cameras have an audible alarm activated in potentially risky situations to intimidate an intruder or an animal.

Camera Size and Shape

When it comes to where you want to install your camera, the camera’s size and shape can be one of the crucial factors. Some cameras have a thin stand and a long neck, making them easy to point and place anywhere and in any direction.

Others are located on the stand and do not have a neck, which narrows the maneuvering space and prevents the possibility of turning them in the desired direction. Still, such models are usually much more durable.

FullHD Camera System

FullHD Camera System


Modern video surveillance systems come with support for various applications that you can use on home computers and smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

It is crucial to keep in mind that connecting to the desired applications on some IP camera models is not at all easy. In contrast, some cameras are designed to sync with applications and send notifications without any interference instantly.

Storing Data and Videos

Most cameras already have a data store planned, so any detected movements or recordings are stored in a cloud usually provided by the security camera manufacturer.

The storage space for recorded material can be from a few gigabytes up to more than 100 gigabytes, depending on the camera model.

Deep Search

Deep (machine) learning is one of the latest video surveillance trends. This innovative technology makes IP surveillance cameras even more suitable for anyone who wants to secure the space in which they live or work optimally.

Deep Learning, also known as a deep learning algorithm, allows the user to find what they want without spending hours and hours searching through videos.

To better understand deep learning, imagine an option that works almost identically as Google’s search engine, where you can describe the elements you want to find among the recorded videos. If you wish to see only those videos of today’s date or only the police car in the videos, you can easily find all the videos you want to inspect thanks to the deep learning algorithm.

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