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Tenvis Hidden Camera

TENVIS JPT3815W Camera

You can use TENVIS JPT3815W surveillance camera as the nanny cam or simply as the surveillance camera. Tenvis is affordable spy camera that you can use for many things.

Tenvis brings you a fantastic product that provides highly available and seamless wireless surveillance. Look at some of the amazing features that Tenvis’ Wireless Internet Camera has in store for you!


  • Quality - 6/10
  • Features - 6/10
  • Specifications - 6/10


  • Affordable
  • Good Video Quality
  • Durable
  • Resistant
  • Wireless


  • On a Wireless mode, it can’t be too far from a router.
Cool Tenvis Spy Cam


Safety and security must be a priority, be it corporate business or just personal space. Today’s highly advanced technology has made it very convenient to monitor what’s going on around you and your workplace.


The high-tech wireless surveillance product from Tenvis offers good quality capturing and maximum convenience to the user.

1. Good Quality Surveillance (Uses Wireless Fidelity: No wires, no hassles!)

Tenvis provides good quality audio and video capturing (480 pixels) with the help of your wireless internet network. The data is easily transmitted to your preferred device, be it your Windows laptop, Macintosh, Tablet or Android. No hassles and complications with wireless transmission! Clear, crisp and smooth video and audio surveillance around your workplace, home or for your pet too! This camera can also be used for monitoring traffic movements. Parents can have complete peace of mind at work as this is a perfect pal for infants too!

2. All in One: Pan+Tilt

Tenvis JPT3515W Wireless Internet Camera comes with amazing flexible camera movement ability for maximum convenience as per your needs and desire. You can pan your camera up to an angle of 340 degrees (horizontal), and tilt it up to an angle of 90 degrees (vertical). This feature makes your device very flexible making it very easy to adjust the camera angle according to your needs.

3. Motion Detection

This high-tech wireless internet camera is capable of automatically capturing moving objects that are detected by the camera. The alarm system activates when a suspicious object movement is detected, and the data is transmitted to your preferred device with the help of the FTP (File transfer protocol) server or email. Video recording compatible on Windows PC. The device has cool five levels of motion sensitivity.

4. Infrared System (Night mode)

Peace of mind at night too! Night time wireless surveillance is powered by highly sophisticated infrared LED’s that automatically activate during the night and provide seamless monitoring around your house, office, workplace or anywhere you want! The infrared rays can monitor up to 32 feet at night. Have a good night sleep with Tenvis Wireless Internet Camera!

5. Simultaneous Viewing

The wireless surveillance camera offers multiple simultaneous views at different resolutions as listed:
a) 6 Viewers (Supports 320*240 pixels and 160*120 pixels)
b) 4 Viewers (Supports 640*480 pixels)
This feature makes it very convenient to monitor multiple locations at the same time on a single device or screen.

6. Supports Two-Way Audio Communication

The device is capable of providing a two-way audio communication channel with phone control. This feature enables to talk with close pals and family easily. The device comes with an inbuilt speaker and microphone systems that make it amazingly easy to take on a two-way audio communication. Tenvis makes it easy for you!

Perfect safety surveillance device recommended for pets, infants, business storehouses, offices and much more!
Come on! Get your high-tech surveillance pal to monitor your surroundings and make life easier and more peaceful. No worries, only peace! Get the 1-year warranty on Tenvis JPT3815W Wireless Internet Surveillance Camera!

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