Striker Spy Drone – Quadcopter With Spy Camera

Striker Spy Drone


Remote Control Drone

Striker Spy Drone

Striker Spy Drone is amazing Quadcopter for kids. With this spy drone, you can record videos from the sky.

One of the best choices for beginner quadcopter pilots who also want to catch a glimpse of the world from above, the World Tech Toys Striker 2.4GHz Spy Drone is an excellent gateway product into the world of RC Quadcopters.


  • Quality - 9/10
  • Features - 8/10
  • Specifications - 8/10


  • Good for New Drone Pilots
  • Affordable Price
  • Good for Spying from Air
  • Durable Drone
  • Good Quality Build


  • Low Flight Time
Striker Drone

Striker Spy Drone

Featuring photo and video recording abilities, 4.5 Channel built-in gyro sensors as well as protective coverings for the blades, the Striker Spy Drone provides lots of fun at an affordable price. Take to the skies and discover a world of remote-controlled fun, stunning aerial imagery and unique experiences with the new Striker 2.4Ghz Spy Drone!

Features of Striker Spy Drone

One of the main features of this RC Quadcopter is the integrated photo and video recording capabilities which are rare on a model within its budget range. Having an eye in the sky will give beginning pilots a taste of what it’s like to film premium quality aerial footage and jumpstart a secret passion for videography.

The wireless transmitter, which works on a 2.4GHz frequency, is specially designed to avoid interference with other radio devices and ensure optimal signal strength. The quadcopter’s 4.5 Channel built-in gyro sensors allow it to achieve superior stability and balance in the air preventing drifting in unwanted directions. It also allows for increased stability in windy weather conditions. The integrated LCD screen on the transmitter shows real-time flight statistics, warning pilots of possible issues such as signal strength loss or battery drainage. Striker Spy Drone is designed and built for novice pilots in mind. the Striker Spy Drone’s lightweight body is made from quality materials which are durable and shock resistant.


Striker Drone

Crashes and forced landings which might occur as a natural result of the learning process are not an issue due to the sturdiness of this drone. Propeller blades are color-coded to ensure proper identification of the drone’s orientation during distant flights, and protective casings guard the blades against damage in case of collisions. You can fly up to 10 minutes. The high-quality Li-Ion batteries are durable and easy to charge with the included adapter. For added fun, the Spy Drone can also automatically do flip stunts mid-air at the mere press of a button.

To ensure that buyers have all they need for countless hours of fun from the first moment, the Spy Drone ships with an attached video camera and a long range 2.4GHz Transmitter remote. The 7.4V 850mA Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, a 1GB microSD card, and four spare blades are also included to make sure that the Striker Spy Drone will fly for hours without any problems.

Fit for both indoor practice as well as indoor flight, the World Tech Toys Striker 2.4GHz Spy Drone is the perfect choice of inexpensive beginner drones as well as more experienced flyers wishing to upgrade to a model with an integrated camera.

See Striker Spy Drone in Action


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