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Spy Tec AEON OT is all around surveillance camera. You can use it indoors and outdoors. It is waterproof and you can connect to it with the internet.

This high-tech surveillance device is capable of recording high-definition video and audio and keeping you free from worries! The device comes with amazingly advanced features and guarantees high-quality performance for providing seamless security surveillance.

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  • Quality - 9/10
  • Features - 9/10
  • Specifications - 8/10


  • Perfect Surveillance Solution
  • Records in Full HD
  • Affordable Surveillance System
  • Waterproof
  • Durable


  • Not Mobile
Spy Tec Cam

Aeon OT

Safety and security are a priority in today’s corporate world. Monitoring what’s going on around your workplace, home or your personal property becomes ultra easy with the Spy Tec’s Aeon Mini Bullet Camera!


Spy Tec’s highly sophisticated, compact and wide-range HD security camera comes with a massive range of high-tech features as discussed:

1. Face Recognition

Aeon OT captures ultra-high definition video and audio along with face recognition feature. The footage display is of very high quality (1080 pixels HD) that can be clearly seen on monitors of various sizes including widescreen monitors. The device can distinguish clearly between faces and can capture things clearly up to a distance of 45 feet. This fantastic feature makes it a highly efficient and reliable surveillance camera.

2. Waterproof Rating

Spy Tec Surveillance Camera

Spy Tec Camera

The sophisticated Aeon OT camera is highly resistant to water, force and even dust. The device has been given a quite high 67 IP rating (IP 67), where IP stands for “International Protection”. The camera has a steel body casing that gives the ability of resistance from water and force and also meets the high-quality standards laid down by the IEC which stands for “International Electro-technical Commission”.

3. Convenient Installation + Weatherproof

The Aeon OT camera can be installed very quickly and conveniently, both indoors and outdoors. The camera can be easily placed inside your house, car, shop or workplace and provide you tension-free corporate and personal life. Provides high quality all round the clock monitoring. The device also provides resistance from weather elements like rain and snow with a real IP 67 rating.

4. High-Quality Infrared Night Recording

The device comes with the inbuilt infrared emitting system that provides ultra-clear night-time recording. 12 infrared emitters are capable of reaching up to 40 feet without compromising the audio and video quality at night. The device is perfectly reliable for a peaceful good night sleep. During daytime, the camera automatically switches to day mode, providing round the clock surveillance.

5. Wireless Fidelity Support (WIFI)

Spy Tec’s Aeon OT camera can be easily connected to a wireless internet network. You can toggle power using the WIFI system and control the device seamlessly and efficiently over the internet using a cable.

6. Multiple Viewer Options and SD Card storage

For maximum convenience for the user, the Aeon software can accommodate and connect 32 cameras together along with the capability of monitoring 16 views on one display. This software makes it easier to monitor different locations on one screen with different points of view. The data can be easily stored in the SD card or even NAS (Network attached storage) as the device is compatible with Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF).

7. Motion Detecting System

The Aeon OT camera has an incredible motion detecting system that can detect movements and immediately transmit them via E-mail alerts to indicate any suspicious activity, thus providing excellent surveillance of theft or burglary.

8. Remote Monitoring Support

Spy Tec Surveillance Camera

Spy Tec Aeon OT

The camera can be easily accessed by connecting to the Windows Computer, Macintosh, Tablet and even Android devices, Ipad and many other devices. This accessibility provides seamless remote monitoring of the areas under surveillance by Aeon OT Mini bullet cameras.

The feature-packed Spy Tec’s Aeon OT 1080 Hd (IP rated) is highly reliable and convenient to use anywhere indoors or outdoors, in any weather. Thinking of safety? Get this absolutely advanced surveillance device to serve you and keep you at peace, always!


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