Spy Spot TT8850 GPS Tracking Device

Spy Spot TT8850 GPS Tracking


GPS Device

Spy Spot

One of the best GPS tracking devices you can buy is Spy Spot TT8850. It has so many useful features.

The Spy Spot TT8850 Portable Tracker is one of the best solutions on the market right now. This portable GPS tracker can be easily attached with a magnetic clip to any car and gives you the ability to monitor every activity of the vehicle. It can save up to 1 year of data and has a battery live of 2 and a half weeks.

  • Quality - 10/10
  • Features - 9/10
  • Specificaions - 10/10


  • Very Powerful GPS Tracking Device
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Works on Distance


  • Ideal for Vehicles but for other purpose not that good
GPS Tracking Device

Spy Spot GPS Tracking

Are you in a situation that requires surveillance, but a simple spy cam won’t do the work? Nowadays the need for surveillance is growing every day as more and more people want to be able to track the movements of others either for personal or professional purposes. The spy tech industry is growing every day, offering many alternatives compatible with everyone’s needs.

Spy Spot GPS Tracking is Best Solution For Your Business

One of the latest and most accurate trackers of movement are the GPS Trackers. With their small dimensions, they can be placed everywhere from inside a briefcase to even the frame of any vehicle.

As soon as you attach the tracker to any car you can monitor every movement via any personal computer or portable PDA, and you can receive real-time SMS and email notifications provided that you are logged in the GPS tracking software that comes with the device. From the tracking software, you are able also to monitor the battery life of the tracker. During the real-time monitoring process, you can see the car moving on the map in real time, and you can check the logged history of the movement as the everyday action is stored in the software.

You can also log into the program a particular geographical area of your interest and the program will notify you every time the vehicle you are tracking passes these boundaries. The Spy Spot Portable GPS Tracker has one of the best customer reviews and is a very reliable and durable tracking device.


Spy Spot TT8850

Spy Spot TT8850 GPS Tracking features:

  • Asset and Vehicle tracking
  • Real-time SMS and email notification of movement
  • Best in class battery life with duration of 2 and a half weeks without charging
  • Secure tracking using the software that comes with the device from any personal computer or PDA
  • Can save up to a year tracking data.
  • Free carry pouch is included
  • Motion Alert To conclude, the Spy Spot TT8850 Portable Tracker is the best portable GPS tracking device on the market right now and is packed with a variety of advanced features without compromising the everyday usability of the instrument.
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