Promobot That Can Spy on People Escapes Lab Twice

Many movies and series throughout the last century are made on artificial intelligence, robots, and spy actions. If we take a closer look, it seems as if they were preparing us for what was about to come and appeared that day has indeed come. Today rarely does a newspaper title present you with a robot that ran away from its creator. It sounds unbelievable, but it is true. And it happened this summer in Perm, Russia.

About the robots and Promobot IR77

A robot is an artificial mechanical device which is mostly in the form of an electromechanical machine guided by a computer program. It is, therefore, an embedded system type. The robotic artificial intelligence in this article is similar to those from the spy movies. It is a mobile robot, capable of moving in the environment. What is interesting with the Promobot, is that it can work on its own.

A Russian scientist creates Promobot IR77 for the purpose of customer relations. This robot can remember each and every face it encounters. And it sounds just like the plot of the spy movie. The robot can quite realistically interact with humans, and answer all the questions you provide him.

Promobot That Can Spy on People Escapes Lab Twice 1

The Runaways

The first time that Promobot came to life and ran away, it caused chaos in Perm city center’s traffic. The robot was designed to avoid obstacles and turn around when reaching a boundary. After a short test, it was left wondering in the yard, the garden whose gates (accidentally) was left open. So the Promobot ran straight out of it. Its characteristics of artificial intelligence led him through the city without getting hurt or hurting anybody.

The passers-by stood and observed the situation, and children wanted to talk to the robot. The only issue which did arise was a lack of battery strength. Thus, when the batteries ran out, the robot just stopped moving, which unfortunately happened in the middle of a busy road. Eventually, an engineer from the research lab came and reclaimed the robot. The lab promised that they would make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Well, it did. The second time that this rebellious little robot decided to live on its own is thought to be a public stunt or a result of some inside talks. And it was. The lab said that these cases of escaping were actually successful tests of the robot’s navigation system. But whatever it is, it definitely keeps people interested in artificial intelligence.

The question arises: if these two cases of running away weren’t just an engineer forgetting to close the gate ‘where does that lead us’ The possibility is that some social tests on human reactions are made. If people start supporting artificial intelligence, it might as well come alive at its fullest.

Promobot Spy

Has anyone asked the Promobot IR77 what he thinks about this?

Although he is not the only robot created in this series, he is the only one who wants freedom more than he can have it. It would be interesting if these AI robots are connected with high-tech gear. They can be made more physically resistant, but also programmed to work well on their own. If the Promobot did it, it is possible.

Next year, we can openly say to the Promobot (if he will still be alive and well) that we know what he did last summer.

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