PowPro Spy Sunglasses with Camera

PowPro Spy Sunglasses


PowPro Spy Sunglasses with Camera 1

PowPro Spyglasses

For whatever reason, you are buying this spy sunglasses they will serve you right. You will be able to make great videos in full HD format. Audio can be recorded as well so you can make a whole movie just from the sunglasses. The price is extremely affordable, and I Am sure you will not find a better full HD camera that is so small like the one used in the sunglasses. For the price, you pay you will get fantastic spy glasses.

  • Quality - 8.9/10
  • https://amzn.to/2J4x0Xu - 8.8/10
  • Specifications - 8.7/10


  • Good Quality Recording
  • Hands Free Recording
  • Undetectable
  • Easy to Use
  • Modern Design


  • The battery in such small devices is always a problem

Thanks to the advanced technology today we can use tiny cameras that deliver excellent performance. The PowPro camera is almost invisible and fits perfectly on the sunglasses, yet it is powerful to give 1080P video recording. I know many other devices like drones, hand cameras, mobile phones which can not record in full HD.

Spy PowPro

PowPro Glasses with Camera

PowPro can be used for Many Activities

You can wear PowPro spy camera sunglasses in the everyday walk and record whatever you see on a microSD. But since the design of the sunglasses is more sports oriented, then people mostly use it for biking, riding or other sports activities. You can protect your eyes from the sun, but at the same time, you can record a decent video of whatever you were doing. This first-person view recording is very popular among bikers or stunt performers, by simply wearing sunglasses you can record an action in first person view. People love this kind of videos over at YouTube.

The most significant advantage of using the PowPro Spy Sunglasses is recording without using hands. This feature allows you to do whatever you want to do with your hands. Artists, stuntman, street performers or merely a spy detective can find these spy sunglasses extremely useful.

PowPro Spy Sunglasses Features

The color of the sunglasses is black, and that color fits the most common outfits today. The glasses will not stand out. The maximum amount of working hours is around one hour which means you can not record long videos. The problem for a more extended video recording is in the battery. Battery needs to be extremely small to fit inside the glasses. To fully charge the 500mAh battery it will take around 3 hours. MicroSD used in the glasses can be as large as 32GB. The good news is that along the video glasses can record audio as well. The only drawback that this sunglasses have is a night. You will have a hard time seeing through the glasses but at the same time recording will not work because the camera is not emitting any infrared light to be able to record at night.

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