Usefull PalmVID DVR PRO Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

PalmVID DVR PRO Smoke Detector Camera


PalmVID DVR PRO Smoke Detector Hidden Camera is worth every penny. It provides fantastic 720P HD videos, which can be watched over TV by only inserting a cable into the TV.

  • Quality - 9/10
  • Features - 8/10
  • Specifications - 7.5/10


  • Good Quality Videos
  • Very Well Hidden
  • Affordable
  • Uses Large Micro SD
  • Infinite Recording
  • Remote Controller


  • It would be better if it records in Full HD 1080P Resolution

The fake smoke detector used as a hidden camera is a brilliant solution to record what’s happening in your home while you are away. Just by thinking, there are many useful ways to use this camera. If you are a parent that have kids at home while you are working, then with this smoke detector hidden camera, you can record what is happening when you are not at home. Also, this hidden camera can be used to record burglars. It has features and a good field of view to record anyone enters your home.

If you are suspecting that your wife is cheating, you can place this fake smoke detector camera and record if she is going out and when she is coming back while you are traveling. Or better yet, maybe you can catch her dirty handed if she brings her new boyfriend to the house. I mean, these are all some ways to use this camera, but honestly, people mostly use this in-store to record who is going in and out, and if something gets stolen, you can get a bigger picture of the suspect. Or simply to monitor a nanny or kids while you are out.

Smoke Detector Cam

Inside Smoke Detector

PalmVID DVR-PRO Smoke Detector Hidden Camera Features

Adjustable Camera Viewing Angle

Smoke detectors are usually mounted on the ceiling. The ceiling is also a perfect spot for the camera. Many camera manufacturers that produce surveillance cameras typically have one or more models that are mounted on a ceiling. In fact, almost all cameras can be installed on the ceiling. But the smoke detector camera is small and really doesn’t look like a camera.

With a 90 degrees angle, you can adjust the camera to get exactly the view you want. Adjusting is done quickly, and not tools, or any special knowledge is needed.

Motion Detection Mode

Motion Detection mode is extremely useful if you wish to record only when someone is in front of the camera. This mode can save battery and storage. And above everything else, it can let the smoke detector hidden camera work without interruption for a longer time. You can leave it up there on a ceiling without needing to intervene for days, even weeks, depending on how busy is the scene in front of the camera.

Long Live Battery

The battery is mighty and can last for a long time. In fact, on PIR motion detection standby mode, it can last three months or even more, depending on the traffic. The battery is rechargeable, and when it is empty, you can simply recharge it.

Record To Micro SD

This hidden camera can record on Micro SD. You can use up to 256GB Micro SD. That size is more than enough to record over 300 hours of recording. If that is not enough, then you can use the recording mode that records over old videos. That way you can have infinite recording and check the Micro SD only when something happens (robbery, intruders, cheating wife, kids alone at home, etc.)


Playing videos is straightforward. All you need to do is take Micro SD and use it in PC, tablet, or even a smartphone. Video files are in a standard format and do not require any special software to watch them. There is also an option to watch videos on TV without taking the Micro SD out. There is a video output jack that you can connect to the TV.

Spy Camera

Hidden Camera

Mini Remote Controller

With the remote controller, you can turn it on or off and start or stop recording. This is a handy feature because, with a simple button push, you can stop recording while you are at home. With a remote controller, you can also watch videos on TV. You can navigate to the desired part and watch it without needing to take Micro SD out.

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