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NIYPS Spy Mini Camera Size Comparison

Future is here, this mini spy camera is so small that you can only hold it with two fingers. The size is not the best property of this camera, because you could have a product that is small and bad. By bad I mean that the product is not capable of at least average performance of other similar products. NIYPS Mini Spy Camera is not that product, this little camera has lots of power. It has the performance of large cameras.

This little spy cam is capable of recording resolution that is not standard in many countries, including several European countries like for example Balkan countries, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. This little camera is overkill in such countries. I am saying that because in those third world countries the television signal is still sent in low quality of 480P believe it or not. And this little camera with unbelievable price is capable of recording videos in FULLHD. This camera is more powerful than national television in such countries.

  • Quality - 8/10
  • Features - 8/10
  • Specifications - 8/10


  • Extremely Small
  • Extremely Affordable
  • Ideal for Many Purposes
  • Made from High-Quality Material
  • Ability to Record 24/7
  • High-Resolution Recording


  • Without constant power suply, it can run only 50 minutes.

NIYPS Mini Spy Camera Features and Specifications

Mini Size

NIYPS Spy Cam is so small that you can place it in various places and it will go completely undetected. The shape of the cam is a small cube of less than 1 inch (0.87in). This unbelievable small size made this spy camera the worlds first smallest portable pocket camera.

Recording Videos and Taking Photos

Despite the small size, this camera is capable of recording videos in high resolution (1920X1080P), so-called FULL HD resolution. At such high resolution, it is capable of capture 30 frames per second. Photos can be taken at 960P.

The battery in such a small device cannot be strong, but still, this worlds smallest pocket cam is capable of recording full 50 minutes when fully charged. The good news is that the camera is using superior motion detection. This great motion detection software allows the camera to work only when the motion is detected and by that this mode prolongs the battery life. This feature allows this camera to be used in an extended period of time, much longer than many other mini cameras that don’t have this option.

If for some reason you need to record 24/7, you can do that with this camera, but you will need to charge it. Just place the camera near the power supply, and you can record while charging.

The camera is also usable during the night, thanks to 4pcs IRled lights it can record videos at night. But don’t expect crystal clear picture on the videos recorded at night.

Storage Capacity

The camera does not have internal storage. You will need to buy an external memory card up to 32GB. Such a small camera and such a high capacity, it is unbelievable. If for some reason 32GB is not enough, and you let the camera fill the memory card, the camera will still work as usual and overwrite old files.

What is the Purpose of Such Small Spy Camera

This mini camera can be used in many ways. You can use it as a nanny cam and place the small camera somewhere in a baby room. Because of such a small size, the camera can also be used as an attachment to a drone. NYIPS has magnetic, and that means if the drone has metal plate attaching this small camera will be as easy as putting it on it. You can also use this camera on a bicycle, just attach it with a magnet and record your drive. If you are into spying other people, you can place this small bug spy cam in strategic places. The camera can be a button on the doors, or you can even hang it on your neck as a necklace, nobody will guess that this little thing is actually a spy camera that is recording. This camera is ideal for recording documentaries on the people that want to hide from the camera and won’t speak when the camera is turned on.

Mini Cam

NIYPS Spy Mini Camera


NYIPS is spy camera that can be used for many various things. The most important fact is that the price for this small yet powerful camera is low. Everyone can afford this camera, and everyone can enjoy making videos that are not able to be made with regular size camera. Thanks to high-resolution quality videos I am sure your big screen will love the detailed footage. Let us know how you use this camera in the comments below.

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