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LeFun Wireless Surveillance Camera


Nanny Camera

LeFun Nanny Cam

LeFun is one of the famous manufacturers of surveillance cameras. They are heavily focused on producing great nanny cams of high quality. In the production, they use the latest technology and because of that, the cameras made by LeFun are always in the trend. The particular model we are reviewing in this topic is also extremely affordable. Such affordable camera with so many features is undoubtedly on the best buy list of many portals and stores all over the world.

  • Quality - 9/10
  • Features - 9/10
  • Specifications - 9/10


  • Affordable price for such a premium nanny cam
  • 720P resolution more than you will ever need for a smartphone usage
  • The remote control will work everywhere you go as long as you have internet
  • Two-way communication is possible
  • Easy to use and simple to set up
  • Nanny Cam has night vision mode
  • One year warranty is included


  • You will need to have a smartphone, android or iOs software and download an application to use the LeFun nanny cam

LeFun Wireless  Camera Features

Nanny Cam with Remote View

The main purpose of this camera is watching over your baby. Being the wireless IP camera means that you can use a mobile phone to monitor what’s going on in the baby room from any place on the planet earth as long as you have an internet connection.

High-Quality Picture with Advanced Features

The LeFun wireless camera is sending 720P video resolution which is more than enough if for surveillance over the mobile phone. The camera also has the option to forward and playback videos to see what was happening while you were at work. The camera also works very good during the night thanks to the IR vision.


With this advanced technology WiFi camera not only you be able to hear your baby, but you can also talk to your little one from any place. The camera has microphone and speakers, and if you need to speak to your loved one, you can do that without a single problem. You can also get message alerts from mobile application thanks to the intelligent motion alert. Intelligent motion alert is also very useful if you are using this camera as the surveillance camera.

Simple to Use and Mount

Placing the camera is very easy, and all you need to do is find the best spot to cover the whole room. After that, you will need to download MIPS application on Apple store or Google Play store depending on the OS that your smartphone use. After you sign up on the application, you should reset the camera. After reset, all you need to do is log in to your account and add surveillance camera by scanning the QR code and follow the voice instruction to install WiFi camera. The whole process can be done in less than 10 minutes.

LeFun Nanny Cam Specifications

This surveillance camera has only 2.4G support so make sure your other devices are compatible with that. The camera can shoot videos at 25 frames per second. The highest possible resolution is 720P, but you can choose lower resolutions if you need to save space on the storage drive. Micro SD is not provided with the package, and you can buy up to 64GB storage which is more than enough to record for several days. Night vision is possible thanks to 12 infrared LEDs and will work perfectly up to 30 feet. Video and audio compression is standard H.264 and AAC for audio. The camera has powerful ethernet card capable of 10/100 MBPS.

Nanny Cam

Surveillance Camera by LeFun

The leFun nanny cam is an ideal camera for monitoring toddlers while you are not at home. With this camera, you can be in touch with your baby no matter where you are thanks to the two-way microphone. With two way microphone, you can even communicate with the baby. For such low money, you can have everything you need to keep an eye on your baby.

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