KAMRE WiFi Hidden Spy Camera Clock Review

KAMRE WiFi Hidden Spy Camera Clock



KAMRE Clock Camera

Clocks are an ideal place to hide the camera. Nobody would think that a digital clock is actually a camera. If the clock is small enough, you can practically place it anywhere in the room. Just make sure you put it on proper location because if it is placed in a weird spot, for example in the corner on the sofa, then that may trigger some suspicion. If the clock camera is positioned above the bed on a shelve, then nobody in the world would guess that the clock is also the camera.

The clock is working and showing time, people in the room may actually face the clock when checking the time. Just make sure clock is showing correct time because that again may be a trigger for suspicion. Who in the world would use a clock that is showing the wrong time?

  • Quality - 9/10
  • Features - 9/10
  • Specifications - 8/10


  • Very Well Hidden Camera
  • Recording in 1080P Resolution
  • Motion Detection Sensors
  • WiFi Enabled
  • Monitor What’s Happening on the Smartphone
  • High-Quality Material


  • Battery Last Only 3 Hours

KAMRE Camera Spy Clock Features and Specifications

KAMRE made a fantastic device that has everything you need. Kamre camera clock is built perfectly and will fit in any room. It will look like a regular night clock with an alarm that people use for waking in the morning. But the little device is much more than that.

KAMRE camera has WiFi which means that you are able to see what is happening in the room when you are not even at home. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection. You can use this camera as a nanny camera, the nanny will not know she is being recorded, and you can be sure that everything is alright with your baby.

Full HD 1080P recording will make sure that the picture you are receiving is crystal clear. Even the objects that are not close to the camera will be seen without a problem. The nanny clock camera also has the motion detection system. This is extremely useful when you are out at night, then you can turn on motion detection, and you will receive alarms if someone is moving inside the room. This system is very efficient against burglars. Not only you will receive an alarming message on the cell phone, but the burglars will also be recorded on the camera.

Thanks to IR light the camera has a perfect night vision. This nanny cam works very good at night and if the night recording is turned on you will get a video recording that will show you everything you need to see. Infrared Lights emitted by the clock are not visible to, so the camera is spotless even in the night.

The battery used in the camera is powerful. It has the capacity of 2000mAh. This is more than enough for 3 hours of straight recording when the battery is fully charged. If you need to record more hours than that, then you should consider a plugin the adapter in the power line. That way the battery is fully charged and the camera will work for a longer time.

KAMRE Nanny Camera Tips and Tricks

Before you start using a phone for monitoring the room you need to connect the camera to the wifi router. To set this up, you should follow step by step manual included in the packaging.

If you want to turn off the clock display, use the button T on the camera clock. In case you forgot the password you can always use the rest button for factory settings. Behind the camera is a hole which needs to be pushed by a needle or pen. While the button is pushed wait for 8 seconds, that will restore everything back to factory settings, including the wifi settings.

Clock Camera

KAMRE Nanny Spy Clock Camera


KAMRE nanny camera is the ideal solution for watching over your kids, dogs or just keep an eye on the room while the nanny is there. The camera is suitable for motion detection and can keep your home free from intruders. If they come, you will clearly see who they are and what they did in your home. For an affordable price, I must say that this clock camera is an excellent deal. With so many features and options, you are not only getting a nanny camera but a whole surveillance system.

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