11 James Bond Spy Gadgets That You Can Buy

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In the past 50 years, there have been 23 James Bond movies. These movies are full of deadly, easy to hand, futuristic, excellent and at times funny gadgets. Till date, some of them are still too tremendous to be a real while as others are part of our real world.

Outlined are some of James Bond spy gadgets that you can actually buy

1. Homing Beacon
This device was used in James Bonds Goldfinger (1964); it is used to provide individuals satellite location tracking. Recently, it is quite easy to purchase tracking devices, regardless of your security clearance.

2. Lasers
In Goldfinger (1964) Auric Goldfinger tried cutting James Bond in half using a laser that has the power to cut through steel. Interestingly that same technology is now available to any interested individual.

3. Remote Controlled Doors
In 1965, when remote-controlled doors were featured in James Bond’s Thunderball, the technology was barely ten years old. The audience was stunned when Emilio Largo opened a secret door that led to the SPECTRE briefing room by just pushing a button on a device she held on her hand. Today, most suburban homes have such doors. Most people are using remote-controlled doors to conceal their secret stashes from the public eye.

4. Gyroplane
In the movie, You Only Die Twice (1967) James Bond introduced a gyroplane; this particular plane had machine guns, missiles, rockets, and flamethrowers. As much as gyroplanes have only been released to very few private citizens, these little amazing planes are so real.

James Bond Laser Scene

Scary Scene from James Bond Movie

5. Finger Print Scanner
In Diamonds Are Forever (1971), Tiffany Case uses a biometric scanner, but James Bond still manages to fool her with his fake fingerprint. Today, this technology is quite smart and widespread as well. You will be surprised to find a fingerprint scanner even on your computer, and it may be too sophisticated to be fooled.

6. Minox camera
James Bond used a small Minox camera in his movie On Her Majesty?s Secret Service (1969). Spy cameras have become quite common in our day-to-day world, and you can easily purchase them from any technology specializing store.

7. Seiko Wristwatch
James Bond used a Seiko wristband watch in his movie For Your Eyes Only (1981). As much this wristwatch can?t be used as a walkie-talkie or receive digital messages in this movie, it looks quite attractive, and if you find it interesting enough you can easily purchase it just about anywhere.

8. Polarizing Sunglasses
In his movie A View To Kill (1985), James Bond used special, spectacular polarized sunglasses to see through tinted windows. You can find these epic sunglasses in the market today. As if that is not enough you can also consider Oakley made sunglasses. Alongside having polarized lenses, these glasses also have integrated headphones, a built-in bounty hunter, and a 128MB music player.

9. Ring Camera
James Bond used a ring camera in his movie A View To Kill (1985). Nowadays you can find these miniaturized cameras anywhere. These are small, discreet cameras that can be built in a ring. What a cool way to spy, thanks to technology.

10. Voice Changer
In his movie Diamonds Are Forever (1971), James Bond changes his voice using a cassette-player gadget. Today, you do not need that particular device to change your voice since there is software that can help you achieve that. This software can turn your voice into any other voice you prefer. Unlike for James Bond, this software was not only created for mischief purposes but for gamers who want to conceal their actual voices.

11. Re-Breather
Re-Breather is the only gadget used by James Bond in two movies that you can actually buy. It was employed in Thunderball (1965) and Die Another Day (2002). As much as the movie version as not really functional, the real-life version is just spectacular. It has been developed by Homeland Security Group International, Inc. It enables you to be underwater for as long as 1 hour and breathing just fine.

These amazing gadgets are all within your reach all you have to do is identify the exact device you are interested in and go shopping. You also find them online in online shops like eBay and Amazon.

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