Infant Optics Monitor – DRX-8

Infant Optics Baby Monitor DXR-8


Infant Optics created a fantastic product for people that wish to have all in one nanny cam features. DXR-8 is maybe expensive, but you will get what you paid for.


Nanny Cam DXR-8 with All Features you Need

  • Quality - 10/10
  • Features - 10/10
  • Specifications - 10/10


  • Cute Design
  • Lots of Functions
  • Long Battery Life
  • You can get three add-on cameras
  • You can change the lens on the camera
  • Has temperature sensor
  • Two-way communication


  • One of the most expensive nanny cams on the market, but you will get what you paid for

Infant Optics Monitor DXR-8 Features

DXR-8 has all the features one nanny camera needs to have. But the most important features of all is the interchangeable optical lens. With this interchangeable lens, you can adjust viewing angle and zoom in or out. This feature is crucial when your baby is small and is not moving around the room; then you would use zoom mode. Once the baby is big and starts crawling around you can switch to the wide mode and see whole room on your display screen. Many nanny cameras lack this option and after the baby starts walking these cameras are not usable, and you will need to buy a new nanny cam with a wide angle.

With large 3.5″ LCD you will not have a problem seeing the smallest details in the baby’s room. LCD gives you high detail picture with no pixelate artifacts over the screen. Trough the LCD you can communicate with the baby, hear what baby say, monitor the temperature of the room, zoom in or out. You can even remote control the camera. The display on the LCD will turn off once there is no movement or noise to reduce battery usage. With this feature, you can use DXR-8 for up to 10 hours which is more than enough to monitor your baby. If you keep your LCD screen always on, the battery will last up to 6 hours. LCD is also portable because it uses wireless technology to communicate with the camera. Monitor device can also be charged everywhere you go with only using the USB cable.

Infant Optics

Infant Optics Nanny Cam

The camera is also suitable for night monitoring because it had infrared night vision. You can get additional cameras and have a whole house under the surveillance. Scan mode is beneficial when you have more than one kid and when kids are bigger and run around the house. You can add up to 3 DXR-8 add-on cameras, a total of four cameras. These add-on cameras mean you can monitor four different rooms on one screen.

Setting up a whole surveillance system is pretty easy. You just need to find the best spot for the camera and mount it there. The LCD screen is not requiring any additional setup. No computer or any other device is needed because everything is installed and ready to be plugged and played.


If you have spare money, then this is a no-brainer pick. If you wish to have your kids on the monitor for up to 10 hours, then Infant Optics DXR-8 is the best choice for you. The camera is powerful and gives amazing crystal clear picture. LCD monitor has all the functions and features you need to keep an eye on your baby. You can communicate in two-way, and you can see if the room is hot or cold enough. What else do you need from nanny cam?

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