How Do Nanny Cameras Work And Should You Tell Your Nanny

What is a Nanny Camera?

Throughout the years the rate of technology has escalated at a far faster rate than anyone could have anticipated. As home security cameras were developed as a result of CCTV back in the 60s, nanny cameras were followed shortly after and sold by various security companies to be placed into people’s homes.

By definition, a nanny camera is a camera that was designed, so people were able to hide the camera into objects around the house to spy of their nanny or babysitter. However, over the years they have been used for all various reasons from spying on their pets in the home to trying to catch cheating spouses.

Although in recent years, the trend of the discreet nanny cam for watching babysitters/nannies has increased significantly. As many more parents decide to return to work after having a baby, many are leaving their little ones at home in the care of a nanny. Nanny cameras are therefore beneficial to a lot of parents who want reassurance that their child is being looked after well while they are at work, and best of all these cameras are now a lot more affordable and accessible for parents to purchase.

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What do Nanny Cameras Look Like?

One great nanny camera on the market is the teddy bear camera, although these are little more expensive than others on the market, parents tend to favor these. The reason for this is because of a child’s favorite teddy bear is likely to be with or near them for most of the day. Therefore making it easier for parents to watch how the nanny is interacting with their child. Other much-loved cameras on the market are smoke detectors or mini security cameras, as well as handy portable nanny cams such alarm clocks. Most of these cameras include WIFI and can be picked up at a very reasonable price too.

Laws Around Nanny Cameras

The legislation in the US Code Title 18, Chapter 119, Section 2512 states the inability to use record audio while using cameras when used in a surreptitious manner. As a result, many nanny cameras are sold without the use of sound. However nanny cameras can be used with audio, but the person will need to have written consent from the individual before they can film and listen in on them.

Should You Tell Your Nanny?

Ethically it is probably wise for parents to tell their nanny that nanny cam is being placed in the house for monitoring, rather than finding out they have been spied on later. Most good nannies won’t mind having a camera on and understand the worried parents. However, If a nanny does refuse the use of a camera being played, this could be construed to be a bad sign from the start.

So whether a parent chooses to use a secret nanny cam or decided to be more open about the approach, it will no doubt cure any suspicions a parent may have about the level of care a nanny is given while they are out in work.

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