HAUSBELL Listening Device For Kids Over 6 Years

HAUSBELL Listening Device


HAUSBELL Listening Device is a great gift for Christmas if you have a kid that is older than six years old. But even if your kid is younger, you can spend a great time teaching him how to bird watch or use this spy gear for kids and prepare him for being a future F.B.I. Agent. Way better than spending all day watching Facebook on the phone.

  • Quality - 9/10
  • Features - 6/10
  • Specifications - 6/10


  • Great Gift for Kids
  • Professional Design
  • Good Price
  • Free Headphones


  • Only 12 Seconds Recording

Christmas is getting closer and closer. Kids need present. Every parent goes through the same trouble every year. The big question is what to buy for Christmas?

Today children expect laptops, mobile phones, personal computers, tablets, and other gadgets that let them use the internet. And we parents buy them that and by buying them “more internet,” we force them unknowingly to spend more time online. Because of that, I sincerely ask you to try to buy them an exclusive gift this Christmas. One of the solutions for the best Christmas gift for kids over six years is HAUSBELL Listening Device.


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What is HAUSBELL Listening Device?

HAUSBELL Listening Device is a spy gear with which you can do audio surveillance. It is a device with which you can hear what people are saying up to 300 feet away. It is not professional audio surveillance equipment, and you won’t get in any trouble if you use it in public places. Mainly kids use it to watch birds and hear their lovely sound.

It is not recommended to use this equipment in noisy zones like streets with many cars. In such zones, you won’t hear anything, only lots of noise that makes no sense. This tool is best working in nature in a quiet place with a specific sound you like to hear, like a lion’s roar.

HAUSBELL Listening Device has the ability to record 12 seconds of sound, which means that you won’t record any secret conversations. Twelve seconds recording is probably enough to record a fancy nature sound. There is no SIM or SD card port which means you won’t be able to record more than 12 seconds. However, if you are tech-savvy, you can without problem convert this tool to real spy equipment by cutting the wire that goes to headphones and pointing it to some kind of recording device.

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How HAUSBELL Listening Device Works?

Even a six-year-old kid can use HAUSBELL Listening Device; it is so simple to operate. At the front is a dish which you need to point to the sound source. Pointing it without seeing it is hard, and because of that, there is a binocular with which you can pinpoint the sound source.

At the same time, you can watch and hear. HAUSBELL Listening Device best works when watching animals in nature, you can enjoy watching them at long distance but hear their noises from a perfectly safe place. This item is an excellent tool if you are on a safari in Africa, you can see and hear various animals. It is way better to watch and listen to them than to shoot them.

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