Eye in The Sky Spy Gadgets and Surveillance Techniques

Eye in The Sky is a fantastic movie about a military officer who tries to capture terrorists in Kenya. But her mission escalates when a little girl enters the drone bombing zone. All kind of spy gadgets is featured in the movie. Most popular are Bettle drone and Humming Bird drone. But as well a great drone by a code name MQ-9 Reaper. We all know that drones exist, the USA is very proud about drone usage in war. Drones are used for monitoring, watching over marines on the ground, and sometimes they use them to drop bombs.

But we are more interested in this two spy gadgets that we see in the movie. Many people are asking them self if these spy gadgets are real.

Hidden Camera

Small Cam


Humming Bird Drone Used as Spy Camera

Humming Bird was used in the movie to spy on the terrorist house. You can get a beautiful picture from big drones that are flying on high attitude, but sometimes you need a clear view to identifying the person. And with Humming Bird Drone you can get very close without triggering any alarms. This drone looks like a simple bird that flies around. It has a high definition camera, and you can really get video with great details.

You think this kind of nano drones does not exist, but the truth is they are real. Nano Hummingbird was invented back in 2011. You can watch online videos about this cool little drone that were used in Eye of The Sky movie. Nano Hummingbird videos are kind of old and Nano Hummingbird is probably already in a modern version with more features and more power.

Nano Drones



Bug Drone or Beetle Drone

We see this drone in the action when Hummingbird Drone can’t enter the room and lose the suspect. Then a drone operator is sent to a mobile phone and Beetle Drone to try and enter the house. He needs to be close probably because this little drone cannot operate on long distance. The scene where he flys Beetle Drone into the house is probably one of the best scenes of the movie. He lands the nano-drone on the high wooden plank and records terrorists.

DARPA Remote Controlled Beetle Video:

Again I believe many of you think this is not real. Well, I need to tell you that Beetle Drone is probably old version. Because this same nano drone was remote controlled by DARPA back in 2009. So now seven years later I believe this technology is much better. That Beetle is probably even smaller than the one we see in the movie.

People get scared when they see this nanobot in the action. Most of them think these are not real things, but science fiction and the real world just got mixed up. You can’t be sure what is real and what is not. Especially in drones technology. Drones technology is advancing at a really fast speed. It reminds me of cell phones. Cell phones only ten years ago were enormous and funny and today we have all phones with big screens and with all kind of features. I predict the same thing will happen with drones.

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