Etekcity Digital Voice Recorder and USB 2.0 Flash Drive

Etekcity Digital Voice Recorder


USB Voice Recorder

Etekcity USB Digital Voice Recorder

Etekcity Voice Recorder is an extremely useful audio surveillance device. It can record high-quality sound for a longer period.

One of the best solutions on the market that combines everyday usability with the ability to record digital audio in any circumstance is the Etekcity 2 in 1 Digital Voice Recorder USB. Etekcity voice recorder is a USB looking and a functional device that can also record stealthy digital audio of up to 150hours which make it an incredibly useful tool. It comes with 8 GB’s of storage which is plenty enough to record and transfer loads of data. It supports every device that comes with USB connectivity from a personal computer to a smart tv making it very useful. It is extremely easy to use as it comes with an on/off switch, so you know every time you are recording something.


  • Quality - 8/10
  • Features - 10/10
  • Specifications - 9/10


  • Must Have Spying Device
  • Ideal for Voice Recording
  • Easy to Use
  • Big Capacity


  • Detectable in some situations
Voice Recorder

Etekcity Digital Voice Recorder

Nowadays when you’re in a situation that requires surveillance, being covert is of utmost importance. Having a device that is capable of recording audio is critical to the outcome especially if you are looking for evidence. For this device to be totally useful, it needs to be indistinguishable and function well.

One of the many uses it has is that it is extremely powerful for students who want to record lectures or professionals who wish to record meetings and interviews. That way professionals can review the meetings and interviews and have all the information at their fingertips. Its wide range applications are what makes this product unbeatable. Also, the design made it portable for every occasion and combined with its low power consumption it can last for 15hours on a single charge.

USB Drive as Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder

That battery power ensures you can use it during the day easily and recharge it at night. Also, the microphone is very sensitive so you can capture even the quietest sounds clearly.

Instructions to use:

  • Turn on the switch and when the blue light switches on it begin recording
  • Turn off the switch and it automatically stops recording.
  • For charging, all you have to do is connect the USB to a personal computer.

Packaging contains:

  • 1 x 8GBVoice Recorder
  • 1 x Manual

All things considered, the Etekcity voice recorder USB 2.0 Flash Drive is an extremely useful and well-functioning product that has many applications and comes at a price you cannot beat. It has USB dimensions and functions very well as an ordinary USB storage device and also can record digital audio for countless hours without getting noticed. It is well recommended to professionals and every individual who need a thin device with great sound recording abilities.

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