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This is one of the most affordable spy pens on the market. With this spy pen, you will make amazing videos and pictures.

Various situations where spy pens are useful are unlimited, from recording a crime to recording a meeting so that you can analyze it later, from recording conversations with a girlfriend or filming something so you can have evidence later on. Spy pens are an enormous opportunity to do all this and more.


  • Quality - 6/10
  • Features - 6/10
  • Specifications - 6/10


  • Good for Spying
  • Ideal for Recording
  • Affordable
  • Undetectable


  • Quality of this Spy Pen is Questionable
Spy Pen


Spy pens are such a versatile equipment which can be used in thousands of different scenarios. Whether you’re a cop or a company’s CEO, hidden filming is a great way to document different situations.

Spy Pen With Lots of Features

Different spy pens offer a wide variety of features, but no other pen will offer you so much as this one for such an available price. We all want our money’s best worth, and this is the best deal you’ll get in exchange for such an amazing product. It’s an incredibly versatile tool, user-friendly and excellent quality. I’m thoroughly impressed with this product and would definitely recommend it, for its prize and quality there is no competitor out there who can match it.

This portable spy pen blends perfectly; it looks very luxurious with its shiny black and gold casing. Black casing disguises the aperture from which the camera records, and talking about blending in, this pen also writes! It’s a simple and yet vital concept that can’t be overlooked, giving the pen the ability to work and blend in properly, and yet some other spy pens don’t offer such a feature.

Spy Pen

Camera Pen

It’s very easy to use spy pen since it comes with such an easy to use and accessible button system. The accessibility this pen has is quite remarkable since it works both with Mac and PC. The memory capacity is huge and gives a lot of time to record, the amount of data required per second is remarkable since it allows for so much recording time while it has such a great quality in imaging, video recording, and sound quality. Other accessibility features are accessing your data.

Unscrewing the pen will reveal the USB port from which you can plug it into your computer (the USB cable is included along with the product) and play it. Spy pen is also charged using a USB port power supply, which makes this product a very versatile product since it can be loaded or accessed almost whenever you wish to. The microphone and camera are built into the pen. This pen includes time and date stamps in the video image which is a useful feature when filming hidden, this feature is adjustable and can also be turned off. The package includes your brand new spy pen and USB cable. This spy pen is a great device, and it would give you the best value for your money.

Here are the specifications of the product so that you may see it for yourself:

1. Accessible and easy to use “One Touch” record button
2. Built-in microphone
3. Flash memory capability of up to 16gb (TF card)
4. Video size file is approximately 38MB per min
5. Power supply through USB port
6. Video Format: 1280X720 pixels with full colors
7. Photo format: 1280×1024 pixel
8. Accessibility interface: through USB Port 2.0 but compatible with 1.1 as well
9. Date and Timestamps on video can be turned off or adjusted

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