Best Location for Nanny Camera

One of the questions I often get asked is where someone should place nanny cameras in their house.

This is an excellent question, and by the time you have finished reading this article, I hope you will have a much better understanding of some of the places that child safety devices, or nanny cameras as they are often called, can and should be placed. I will start with the obvious locations.

Child Safety

Child Safety

The child’s bedroom

There are several places in a child’s bedroom that you can place hidden cameras, and there are several types that are made specifically to fit into a kid’s bedroom.

Some spy cameras are functioning smoke detectors with a very small camera inside them that would work great in a kid’s room. And you get the added functionality of the smoke detector to go along with it.

There are stuffed animals that can be placed on shelves, in the corner of the room, or on a dresser. Just make sure to place them naturally. As an example, you could pile several stuffed animals together, with one having a hidden nanny camera in it.

One last option before I move on to the next room is an air purifier with a hidden spy camera. Again, you get the added benefit of the air purification unit along with the security of the nanny cam.

OK, the following rooms are also probably obvious as well, and that would be where the child will spend most of his/her time while they are awake.

Best Location for Nanny Camera 1

Wall Clock Camera

The playroom, the living room, or a family room

This is where you have to take a little bit of time and think about your child’s habits (or the nanny or babysitter if your child is an infant) and decide where you think they will spend the most time.

One of the things you could use in these rooms is a hidden camera clock. There are a ton of options here to match just about any decor. Again, you will want to place it where it is natural, but where you can see as much of the room as possible.

Several other options would be a tissue holder (yes, even tissue holders can come with hidden nanny cameras), a cordless phone, lamps, the good ole smoke alarm that I mentioned earlier, and even an electrical outlet. Now let’s get to some of the less obvious places.

The kitchen

Your children do have to eat, don’t they?
This means they will be spending at least a little bit of time in the kitchen. Again, most of the hidden cameras that were listed above will work here as well.

Spy Camera

Hidden Camera

The yard

One last place you might want to consider, if you actually have one, is the yard. It really depends on how old your kids are and if they spend much time outside or not.

I really hope that this article got you thinking about some of the places that you can put a hidden nanny camera in your house.

The main thing that I want you to take away from this article is that you need to take a little bit of time and think about your child’s habits, or if they are an infant, the habits of your nanny or babysitter. Place the hidden cameras in the locations that you think they will be spending most of their time.

Here’s to keeping your children safe!

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