Top 5 Best GPS Tracking Devices

The evolution of technology in recent years has managed to change just about every aspect of consumers everyday lives. Technological advancements have accomplished to shorten the time and effort needed to complete everyday tasks and have introduced consumers to an ever-changing world, where all of the devices are expendable.

As more and more new devices are introduced every year, technology is entering consumers homes with a broad range of devices with only one objective: to change the way certain things are being done. A good example of that interaction is the modern GPS tracker.

Not too many years ago GPS trackers were huge devices that consumers only saw in the movies and TV series. Today everyone can buy one from the comfort of their home and be able to track all of their possessions such as their cars as well as their kids or even their dog. Applications are literally countless. GPS trackers are mini transmitters that allow the consumer to keep track of everything around him.

These devices usually come with their own app or PC program, making the tracking procedure a lot easier. It is just a click away. GPS trackers come in many shapes and forms and making the best purchase choice depends more on one’s needs than the device’s characteristics.

Modern GPS tracker requires a Sim card and cellular signal to operate. Some of them include the cost of service in their price while others charge a monthly fee. This article’s purpose is to provide potential customers with some of the best choices on the market right now.

Amber Alert GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker

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One of the best GPS tracking devices is the Amber Alert GPS tracker.

With its high level of functionality and many offering features, the Amber Alert Tracker is an attractive choice.

One of the most sought-after characteristics of this device is its voice to voice calling feature.

The device also offers a panic button function. It is highly optimized for children with features like live tracking two-way calling and customizable zones with real-time alerts.

It has the ability to track objects in real time and with the integration of the SOS button, it sends real-time updates also letting the user activate the device’s microphone.

Last but not least this tracker has a speeding alert software that alerts the user if the specified object accelerates past a particular speed.

All these functionalities make Amber Alert GPS tracker one of the top trackers.

Trackimo GPS tracker

GPS Tracker

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Another interesting device is the Trackimo GPS tracker.

With features like motion activation software and long lasting battery life, this device makes it easier than ever to track anything efficiently.

Quality of the material is very high and I’m sure this device has long-lasting time.

Small price tag distinguishes it from its competitors. Other notable features include a well-designed and easy to use a mobile app, geofencing alert system, history tracking system, and a panic button.

This tracking device can be used in so many different ways. You can track vehicles, people and even dogs.

For all of the above characteristics, Trackimo presents a unique opportunity to enter the GPS tracking market at a reasonable price.

You can buy Trackimo over at Amazon.

Pocketfinder GPS Tracking

GPS Tracker

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The Pocketfinder GPS tracking device is also a very compelling choice.

It is a miniature size device with long-lasting battery life and a simple but useful function.

Simple to use but with high quality, this device is very durable and it can be used for many years.

It makes use of a brilliant tracking update system that can locate itself every couple of minutes for four times a day.

Like other devices, Pocketfinder has the ability to sleep when no motion is detected, saving battery life.

Last but not least it offers a best in the class speed alert system that can rival more expensive trackers.

Also, Pocketfinder you can find over at Amazon.

Trax GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker

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Trax is another tracking device that deserves its spot to the best GPS devices.

This device is one of the most consumer-oriented devices on the market.

It comes in two versions, one that is more suitable for dog tracking and one that is more usable as kids tracker.

Both versions are included in the package and work amazingly well combined with Trax’s application.

Like other trackers, the user can create geofences, set up alerts for speeding, track phones and create schedules.

Maybe this tracking device is not too popular, but this gadget will do the job just fine.

Maybe the price for this GPS tracker is high, but money buys quality.

You can get this item over at Amazon.

Spot Gen3

GPS Tracker

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Last but not least, the Spot Gen3 device had to be included.

One of the best looking GPS tracking devices.

It uses a personal Gpa device that offers many more features than a simple tracker.

It can record the user’s location history, track his movements in real time and send SOS signals and messages to your specified contacts.

Spot Gen 3 have tons of features as you see at the picture.

You can use it in many different ways. Track your property or track people.

Considering the above stats Spot Gen3 is a very capable device that will satisfy most of the users.

Check Amazon reviews and learn more about Spot Gen 3.

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