Arlo Pro 3 With HDR Camera and Wi-Fi

Arlo Pro 3


The Arlo Pro 3 has live streaming, fast alerts and a wide range of excellent features that set it aside from other security cameras.

  • Quality - 10/10
  • Features - 10/10
  • Specifications - 10/10


  • High Quality
  • Built-in Sirena
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent Camera
  • All in One System


  • Price

You have decided that you need some kind of monitoring system. Previously, this was solved by analog cameras with cables connected to the surveillance system. Today, IP surveillance cameras are standard, for which it is also necessary to pull cables. Arlo decided to remove cables with the Arlo system. The Arlo Pro 3 system consists of a base station, cameras, and accessories.

Arlo Pro 3 System

Arlo Pro 3 System

Arlo Pro 3 Design

The cameras look nice white, with a black front on which is a wide-angle lens. At the top, there is a pairing button with a base station and a lever to open the back so that the battery can be accessed. When the camera is opened, a rubber seal is visible, intended to prevent the electronics from coming into contact with water. There is a domed recess, a standard tripod thread at the back of the camera, and a Micro-USB connector hidden behind a plug.


The domed recess serves to make the camera fit nicely on the wall mount. Namely, inside the camera, there is a strong magnet at that recess, which is why the camera can basically be attached to any metal surface. But suppose you use the supplied wall mount with a domed, rubberized, metal protrusion. In that case, the camera can be elegantly steered wherever you want. It is similar to being mounted on a ball-shaped tripod, only it can be removed by simply grabbing it with your hand and pulling it off the bracket. A practical solution, although a thief can steal a camera without any problem if it is within his reach. Arlo also offers an external bracket with a ball head and a tripod thread as an accessory. The cameras can be used outdoors; they are protected according to the IP65 standard, which means that they are not bothered by dust, rain, or snow.


I mentioned that the camera comes with a battery. The supplied battery has a capacity of 6 months. How long it will last depends on how long the camera will record. When the camera is turned on, connected to the base station, and ready to respond to movements, it consumes so little electricity that the voltage meter failed to measure the current. If it records a lot, it might take you a month, maybe shorter. If it records a little, it will last for months. The battery can be charged in the camera itself when it is connected to the supplied charger.

Base Station

The cameras are typically connected to the base station wirelessly at all times, even when turned off, so that they can be turned on remotely. The system works by sending video from cameras to a base station. The base station connects to the Internet, so you need to connect it to your router.

Access the System

The mobile app is a handy solution, practical, functional, adapted for use on a mobile phone, although some inconsistencies exist. It requires a username and password and supports fingerprint login.

Namely, you can allow other people to watch live videos or recordings from all or from specific cameras by sending them an e-mail invitation from the Arlo interface to create an account on the Arlo site. This allows family members to access the cameras. You can also let a friend from a distant country to see what is happening in your yard at any time.

Arlo SmartHub Cloud

Under library are snapshots in the cloud, meaning snapshots from the last 30 days. You can view each of the recordings, add to favorites, share with others via a public link, download to your computer or mobile phone and delete.

It is determined whether and how the base station will respond to movements or sounds in front of the camera in mode. Suppose the motion is detected or the camera hears a loud enough sound. In that case, it can start recording video, it can turn on the alarm at the base station, it can show a notification on the mobile phone or send an e-mail with a picture.

In addition to the armed and disarmed modes, there is also a time-defined schedule and geofencing. When this last mode is turned on, motion detection will be activated if the default settings are used when you are physically away from home. This mode of operation, of course, depends on your mobile phone, its function of determining your current location. Otherwise, if you notice that someone is trying to sneak into your house or apartment, you can remotely turn on a deafening “siren” in the base station to scare and drive away the burglar. You can set the system to turn on the alarm if it detects movement.


Arlo Camera

Image Quality

Ideally, when the camera is optimally positioned relative to the base, it will send a 2K resolution video with HDR.

The colors on Arlo Pro 3 ​​are excellent. But suppose you reduce the contrast in the video editing program. In that case, you will see that a lot more detail is preserved in the shot itself in very bright and very dark areas.

To not always depend on the Internet connection, but also not to be limited to only the last 30 days, it is definitely recommended to use USB memory. Connect a USB stick to one of the two USB ports on the back of the Arlo base station, and then turn on the USB memory recording in the user interface. Suppose the USB memory is not formatted in FAT32 format. In that case, you will need to reformat it, which can also be done from Arlo’s interface. The video recorded on the USB stick is identical to the quality in the SmartHub, which means that the cameras encode the video, and then the base station just sends the received video to the SmartHub.


The Arlo Pro 3 system ultimately proved to be practical and easy to use, especially suitable for those who do not want the surveillance system to pull wires all over the house or, worse, outside the house.

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