Anysun Spy Hidden Camera Sunglasses For Real Spying

Anysun Spy Hidden Camera Sunglasses


Spy Sunglasses

Hi-Tech Spy Glasses

Anysun Spy Hidden Camera Sunglasses are perfect sunglasses for everyone that want to record videos without letting other people know that you are recording.

Secret cameras are reliable, functional, and perform its task without alerting the person being monitored. When looking for the perfect hidden camera, there are many features to put into consideration. The main feature to look out for is versatility, storage, and ability to save the information immediately to a memory card. Since the camera has a motion trigger, you can capture all the images with ease and analyze them later. Some of the features that make Anysun Spy Camera Sunglasses the best in the market include


  • Quality - 8/10
  • Features - 8/10
  • Specifications - 9/10


  • Lots of Features
  • Full HD Video Recording
  • Durable Material
  • Undetectable


  • Sunglasses are modern but will not fit into some outfits
Anysun Glasses

Spy Glasses

Hidden cameras are modern, smart designs that help in thwarting criminal threat on your business or house. Even with the pinhole cameras prevalent in movies, this is not a real phenomenon in the field. A well-placed camera will go a long way in protecting your property and house from intrusion.

Anysun Spy Hidden Camera Shape

Here, you are not buying the regular spy cameras to install in the house. The camera is incorporated into the sunglasses. Camera in Sunglasses makes it different from the rest in the market. It provides versatility because you can look at the items you want without the fear of losing your data.

Recording Options

The spy camera features a simple on and off switch that allows you to activate and deactivate the camera whenever in need. The plug and play functionality bring a new dimension to spying. All the files recorded by the camera are stored on the memory card, and you can transfer the data to the PC for analysis. The spy glasses have a protective casing that increases longevity and Built-in and flash can provide you with 4GB or 8GB storage space.

What more do you need in a spying glass other than a non-interrupted recording time?

The spyglasses give you a more than 1-hour continuous recording. The quality of the images is impeccable featuring 720p, and the camera can capture still images efficiently.

Exquisite Design

When spying you do not want to inform the enemy that you are spying, and that is why Anysun camera sunglasses were manufactured. The camera design promotes high-quality resolution images, and it can capture even subtle details such as facial features. A higher frame rate allows you to record a smooth video making analysis a natural process. You can wear the camera anywhere whether attending concerts, games, events or anywhere you want to use it.

Anysun Hidden Camera


Support of Anysun Spy Hidden Camera

The safety and support of the client are utmost priority of the manufacturers of the sunglasses. The support system that can help in backing up your camera is a feature that the spy sunglasses comes. With representatives ready to answer questions concerning the product you are sure, you are getting the value for your money. The manual provided is easy to follow and use.


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