Anti Spy High-Tech Spy Gadgets For Safe Home

Depending on your needs, on, you can find small devices for recording sound, mini photo cameras, small video recording devices, and gadgets. One of the most famous spy equipment gadgets is the one that can record the video. Covert surveillance is sometimes the only way to oversee your assets. People are very sneaky when they know where the cameras are and tend to get around them somehow.

Covert camera systems come in the form of a wall clock, flashlight, pen, a button, or even sunglasses. Of course, these are not ideal cameras for the cash register but come in handy for other covert operations. The nanny or babysitter will not suspect a flashlight or a pair of sunglasses as a camera. You can record video and sound with many of these systems, or they can be used just as a real-time monitoring device.

Some systems can hold hours of recordings in a CCTV DVR format that you can quickly look at in minutes right from your computer. With the digital DVR format, you can freeze frames with no distortion for perfect viewing.



Counter Surveillance

Counter surveillance can be described as trained actions focusing on detecting the surveillance and preventing it from continuing. Also, it can be referred to as the process of foreseeing the actions of the assaulter to prevent it. The procedure itself consists of monitoring individuals’ daily activity and documenting it.

There are various types of covert or overt counter-surveillance techniques, including surveilling from multiple forms of transport, or the most elaborate form of supervision, on foot. Professionals prefer covert counter-surveillance, as this type of survey ensures a higher level of discretion and technicality.

Reasons for performing counter-surveillance are various, and the most common are:

  • preventing important information leaking from the enterprise,
  • providing national security,
  • execution of law enforcement investigation

Today, all sorts of products and equipment available on the market that ensure help with counter-surveillance and their sale have increased rapidly in the past few years. Spy gadgets are chosen depending on the situation for which they are needed.

Spy Camera

Spy Camera

One of those products is a bug detector. Bug detectors are used to detect different listening devices and hidden cameras commonly used by professionals such as cell phones, audio bugs, and other wireless devices. Surveillance devices transmit radio waves which are detected with bug detectors. Usually, these gadgets are designed perfectly and in small size so you can easily conceal them. Professionals most frequently use this method of detecting and preventing surveillance, but every person can also use it in need cause it provides a cheap way to define if you are being surveilled.

One of this practical, inexpensive, and easy to use products is the RF signal bug detector. Used in detecting a wide range of spy cameras, it is easy to conceal, and every person can hide it in the pocket to track for spy devices in every location. Another product is RF camera hunter, which detects all wired and wireless cameras and devices and can be used in auto-detecting. Unlike signal bug detectors, this product has four different types of detecting modes.

Jammers are one of the very commonly used products that have shown high efficiency in bug detection. You can use these products to disable the leaking of information from the conference room, office, or various other places. Today a life without a mobile phone is impossible to conceive, so the use of jammers has increased. They have proved to be a great solution in different places such as classrooms, conference rooms, and many others.

Internet Fraud

Internet Fraud

Internet monitoring

Many business owners find themselves in the position to confront employees about their Internet use. Non-work-related activities, including online games, Internet shopping, Internet radio, streaming media, and MP3 downloads, represent the new temptations in the workplace. We can help in preventing, logging, and stopping those activities.

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