About us


Spy Gismo is E-Shop about Spy Gadgets

Not many people know that most of the spy gadgets seen in spy movies actually exists, we’ve provided more than 15,000 of those gadgets across the globe! Not only that these strange spy gadgets exist, but you can also buy them. There are many famous shops online that are selling spy equipment. So I decided to make my own shop and promote it, so people get to know more about spy gear.

On spygismo.com you can read articles about best spy equipment, GPS tracking, spy cameras, and other spy gear. But also, how to handle this device. You can read some of our best comparison articles and what is the best spy equipment you can buy. I will also try to keep up to date with the latest news from Spy Gadgets world.

Our History


Domain name spygismo.com was registered.


Spy Gismo is released to the public.