Spy Tec Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker – STI_GL300

Spy Tec GL300
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Spy Tec Mini Portable GPS Tracker

Spy Tec STI_GL300 Features And Performance

The sad thing is that it doesn’t have a standalone app, and also desktop users use one website, while mobile users use a stripped-down version of the full site. On your phone, you can see the current location of the device and track the last 24h of its activity. From the mobile site, you can also track account settings, see the battery life and put all the latitude and longitude coordinates. You can connect to Spy Tec GPS platform using your mobile phone, tablet or computer. With this little device, you can track speed, time and position for over a year using Google maps. One of the best things about Spy Tec GL300 is its accuracy. It gets the location down in just a few yards, and it does it in really short amount of time.


If you look for a splendid GPS tracking device that you can use for cars, trucks or motorcycles, the Spy Tec STI_GL 300 MINI is the real thing. The amazing thing about this device is that it is minuscule, it can easily fit in your pocket, but still it has all the features of great tracking devices. It’s made by Queclink, and it has stunning and solid construction. It has a USB port and a sim card slot.

Mini GPS TrakingBattery

It has a rechargeable battery that lasts really long time. It really depends on how much you use it. The battery life of GL300 is two weeks, and some people say it can last up to 3 weeks. There is a little light on the device that will start blinking in case of low battery. You can also monitor your device’s battery level via the panel; it only needs some configuration.

Positive sides of GL300

The first thing that you have to admire is how the team that built this device made it so small to use, but still powerful enough compared to other big appliances. Also, the design of it makes it look really nice and not cheap. You can use it for all kinds of vehicles; it doesn’t matter if it’s a car, motorcycle or truck. Also, the great thing about GL300 is the accuracy and incredible battery life which is around two weeks.

Negative sides of GL300

First big minus is that it doesn’t have a standalone app, especially when we compare it to other similar devices. Also even if the unit costs is not that big. Monthly cost can start at 25$. To compare it to other devices, for example, the Spot Gen3 costs around 15$ a month, and the Trackimo GPS tracker costs around 5$ a month. And the last negative side of this device is that it bare-bones mobile site.

Spy Tec GPS Tracking DeviceConclusion

This device is really stable, because of its price, size and ability to use it on different types of vehicles. But when we compare it to other similar devices its monthly costs and lack of a standalone app make it less appealing. Still accuracy and battery life are features because of which we have to give it a thumbs up.
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