iSPY Full 720P HD Spy Pen

iSPY HD Spy Pen
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Cool Spy PenIf you are looking for spy pen then iSPY Full 720P HD Spy Pen with 3 Free Super Bonuses is best deal for you. Not only you will get amazing spy pen, but you get three super gifts as a bonus.

The even better thing about this spycam is that it comes with three amazing freebies. The leather pen case is just a bonus. The SD card will definitely come in handy and ensure that you can start using your new spycam right out of the box. For the last, and by far the greatest, you get another free spycam! This spycam is based off a keychain and looks exactly like a car unlocker fob. If this combination isn't exciting, it's hard to say what is! This item definitely deserves a 5-star rating.


Spy Pen with GiftsHave you ever dream of being a secret agent like an agent 007? Have you had daydreams in your school days of owning high-tech gadgets hidden as ordinary items in plain sight? If you have, then the iSPY Spy Pen with 3 Free Super Bonuses is perfect for you! It’s the ultimate real life spy gadget, perfect for any snooping or anti-snooping you want to carry out.

Cool Spy Pen For Little Spy

The iSPY Spy Pen is one of the coolest things that you can buy out there. This spy pen comes with full 1280 720P HD recording, but the actual camera itself is hidden and quite difficult to spot. You can dispel the attention of even the most suspicious people, it works as a real pen as well!

Spy PenHow to use Spy Pen
Using the spy pen itself is really easy. Just hit record and get the footage you need. Next, you can just plug in the micro USB that is built into this great pen and transfer the video or the photos to your computer. As the camera itself is based out of an ordinary looking object like a pen, it doesn’t really attract much attention at all. You can keep it on your desk, hit the record button and quickly catch that annoying office colleague who keeps snooping around your office and stealing your snacks while you are away.

The spycam has myriad uses:?
You can use it to record a sneak making away with your things while you aren’t looking, you can use it to record your boss’s next temper tantrum and abuse of his position so that you can use it as evidence. And to help with this, the HD spy cam comes with a timestamp feature, so you know exactly what time on which day you made this recording.
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