The Famous Spy Gadgets from Person of Interest TV Show

The measurements of security are basics for every government. All those highest authorities want to be involved in all activities of the ordinary people. Pieces of information about people’s movement, potential crimes and general way of thinking are important for those who create the way of living in general. For these reasons, some gadgets and machines are needed to help in tracking different actions. In the popular series Person of Interest, many people are used to be controlled in a certain way. Technology makes it possible. All those spy gadgets from Person of Interest serve as a guide to useful devices that are already part of our reality. Some of them are simple, some of the futuristic, but one thing is sure. They have a particular purpose, which makes them unique.

Spy Gadgets from Person of Interest

Harold Finch Spy Machine

When Harold Finch, a very smart billionaire, started to think about ways to control all the intentions of the people, he had the creativity to create a unique machine. This machine is planned to be a great help in preventing unfortunate events. Harold had thought to use technology with a purpose to detect, prevent and stop dangerous plans of people who want to make something wrong.

Have you ever thought it could be possible to go into a human mind?

In the series, it is possible. The machine detects future attacks of terrorists and crimes of all kinds. It keeps a record of emails, cell phone calls, messages, and movements.

Some spy gadgets from Person of Interest are worthy of particular attention, because of endless possibilities. When you want to control someone, the best way to it is through a camera. But a simple camera is not enough. You need a high definition device that follows even the smallest changes in the body in space and time. Many frames per second will give you this possibility and these kinds of cameras are used in the series. Special features are infrared ability, which is perfect for night and conditions with less visibility. Even when the weather conditions are harsh, these particular cameras provide the perfect picture.

Hidden Camera

Spy Cameras All Around Us

Cameras in different things that we use every day are the special part of spy devices. You probably do not expect a spy camera in the glasses of the person you talk to. A scene from the series makes it manageable when everything you see is recorded in a small camera inside the frame of the glasses. Be careful next time you talk to someone who wears glasses. He could monitor all your face mimics and words you say. The creativity does not end here. Your pen can serve as a great spy tool. When a small camera is built inside the pen, you can get everything you need. While you write down something irrelevant, your pen is getting all pieces of information at the same time. This gadget is very popular even among ordinary people, just like the device that is following further. It is an ear bug, maybe the most powerful and the most used device across the world. In the series, many use it as a great help in getting instructions from the other person.

GPS Tracking is Reality

Governments of many countries use methods to track someone’s traveling and moving around. It is possible by GPS tracking that follows you wherever you go. It does not matter if you go to the store or if you want to attack someone, GPS will notice that. Most cell phones can be controlled, and wherever you carry your phone, a good GPS machine will reveal the position. Spy gadgets from Person of Interest are serving for many purposes, just like mentioned spy pens. Not only there is a camera, but there is also a sound system that records all voices around. Every time you watch the series, you reveal something new. The creative team was very inspired in making gadgets that control people in a certain way. Many critics say the series is very close to reality when it comes to devices used in it. Spying is for professionals who know how to hide the gadget and to get the relevant information. These gadgets are made to control people easier and to prevent unwanted situations. Just like in the Person of Interests, nobody can act in a way that cannot be revealed.

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