Brick House Security Real Time – GPS-SN5 Spark Nano 5.0

BrickHouse Security GPS-SN5 Spark Nano 5.0
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BrickHouse Security GPS-SN5

BrickHouse Security GPS-SN5 Spark Nano 5.0

Reviews on the product state that the product is very portable and ships very fast. Users, however, have complained that the tracker is not a plug and play as is advertised. The GPS tracker needs additional software which comes at a cost, as well as an activation fee. Therefore, the unit is not as low cost as is advertised but if you are still happy with the device after knowing all this, it is the right GPS tracker for you.

The Brick House Security GPS-SN5 Spark Nano 5.0 is, in essence, a very reliable and portable tracking device. It can be an excellent choice for anyone who prefers its portability, long lasting battery life, and its GPS tracking capability.

GPS Tracking Device

BrickHouse Security GPS-SN5 Spark Nano 5.0 Tracking Device

The Brick House Security GPS-SN5 Spark Nano 5.0 is a real-time mini portable global positioning (GPS) car tracking device. GPS tracking device is smaller than the size of a modern cell phone. The GPS tracker provides real-time location information which can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet or a computer equipped with the right software. It is powered by a battery which is rechargeable and can last for over two weeks if it is used for an hour per day. The car tracking device is motion activated to ensure that the tracker is not using battery power when not in use which is a very cool and helpful feature. The Brick House Security GPS-SN5 Spark Nano 5.0 allows fast tracking whereby a user can be able to do tracking at a 20-second interval for periods of 20 minutes at a time. This feature can be enabled with the clicking of a button. There are also other options which can be configured to the GPS SN5 Nano 5.0 to ensure that it satisfied your preferred tracking needs.

GPS Tracker SN5 Pros

  • Small and Portable

The pros for GPS-SN5 tracking device are that it is small and very portable. This feature allows the instrument to be easily carried around and set for spying and monitoring the person you wish to track. The GPS tracker for car has a motion sensor which enables it to be active only when car is moving. This feature is fantastic because it allows the tracking device to be active only when people or tracking object is moving and inactive when they are not moving. This feature also ensures that the monitoring device lasts for up to two weeks. Extended battery life enables tracking to be continuous for a long time without the instrument battery charge dying off.

Brick House Security Reat Time Tracker Cons

  • There are Additional Costs

The cons of the GPS tracker are that it does not come with plug and play features which may allow you to use it straight out of the box. It needs the use of addition software which is chargeable, and that makes this low-cost tracking device a bit expensive and not low cost for use. The tracking device may not last very long if the objects or people being monitored are active for more than an hour a day.


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