Bavision WiFi IP Nanny Cam

Bavision WiFi IP Camera
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Bavision Nanny Cam Rotation FeaturesInstallation of the camera is very easy since it is WiFi camera you just plug it in the power cord and camera is ready to go. Or if you like you can use LAN cable.Nanny Cam

One of the most popular nanny cams come from Bavision company. This wireless home security camera can be used in many different ways. But mostly this camera is used by parents who want to watch over the nanny or kids. Other people can use it to watch over the dog in the house. Dogs sometimes know to make a real mess when left alone at home.

Bavision Camera

Bavision IP Camera Features

Bavision Camera Features

The camera can record in 720P resolution. You don’t really need an ultra high resolution to record what’s going on at your home. 720P is more than enough to see whats going on. And the camera has Smart Motion Detection sensors, which means that camera is not recording while nothing is happening in the room. As soon someone enters the room camera will start recording. Thanks to this fantastic feature this device save storage and battery. The camera will be ready to record for a longer time thanks to this feature. With the 64GB memory card, you can record up to 8 days and maybe even more if there is not much motion going on in the room.

With Bavision nanny cam you can monitor your kids in real time using your phone. In fact, monitoring is possible to do simultaneously from several phones. With this feature, both parents can watch their children at same time.

You can use micro SD TF card with a maximum capacity of 64GB. And because of smart storage feature that store videos in a compressed format you can store long lasting recordings without a problem.

Two Way Intercom is also an excellent feature of this affordable camera. If your baby wakes up, you can easy calm her down by talking to her using your phone. For this price camera, this feature is fantastic.

If the previous feature didn’t amaze you, then maybe automatic night vision camera feature will. The camera will start recording in night vision mode as soon nights fall. You don’t need to set up anything. The camera will switch from day recording to night recording automatically.

You can also rotate the camera or set it to auto pan the room. And this camera has 360 degrees horizontal rotation and 120 degrees vertical rotation.

IP Camera

Bavision WiFi IP Camera

This nanny cam comes at a low price, but it is packed with lots of features. Features like using a phone to control the camera and talking to your baby is a must have for a nanny cam. Because of two-way radio, you can really talk and have a conversation with your kids even by being in a different room. These kind of features are mostly available on more expensive cameras. High definition video is clear and will make sure everything you watch on the mobile phone or the big screen is visible. Manny customers who used this camera are more than satisfied.
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